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Photo/The Detroit News Earthquake Map

Detroit,MI There has been a lot of things Tiffanys Necklace happening in Detroit, but earthquakes are not one of them. in Cumberland, Ontario on the Ontario Quebec border. However, the 5.0 magnitude earthquake also shook tall buildings in Southeast Michigan.

People working in tall buildings on the ground level were not as aware as those working on the higher floors, such as the Fisher Building, those people felt it right away. No one knew what it was at first. They quickly learned it was an actual earthquake. It only lasted about ten seconds, but some people who work in the Detroit Public Schools offices were so rattled they left.

The epicenter of the earthquake was more than 500 miles away, but those who live Tiffany Sale and work in high buildings from Novi to Detroit and as far away as New York could feel the tremors.

Wayne State geology professor Tiffanys Outlet Dr. Ed Van Hees says there is a reason people on the ground didn't feel the earth shake below them.

"It's like a pebble going into a pond. When you're close to where the pebble fell, you have a large wave, and as you go further and further out. that same energy is being spread out over a bigger and bigger area," said Van Hees.

Dr. Van Hees called this a significant earthquake, but not the largest Michigan has felt. The damage was limited to tall building in and around Ottawa. Aftershocks are expected, but because this one happened inside a continent, he says it's hard to predict exactly what comes next.

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