Tiffany Outlet Store Online Tiffany Necklace Free Shipping. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, but as it turned out, some small blue boxes were lying there. Tiffany & Co., the jeweler famous for expensive trinkets and turquoise boxes that come in, shocked investors January 12 reporting a decrease of 1%, to $ 1 billion, in the crucial Christmas sales. The news sent shareholders crazy for outputs, driving the share price down 14% on the day. Last Friday, it closed at $ 91.08, down 18% from November 52 weeks of Tiffany. "It 'been a bit' a head-scratcher for the financial community," said Anne-Charlotte Windal, a senior analyst at Bernstein Research retail. "Everyone had high expectations for the holiday season [the company]." The downdraft unexpected comes at a difficult Tiffany Outlet time for the 178-year-old jeweler. His longtime CEO will step down in the spring, and the increasing value of the dollar is depressing sales in foreign markets, as well as among foreign visitors here. In addition, the brand finds himself struggling to attract a new generation of buyers. Tiffany, which has a worldwide turnover of $ 4 billion in the fiscal year ended January 31, 2014, records the majority of its sales abroad. As such, you feel the pressure of a sharp increase in the value of its national currency against what is in the portfolios of many of its international clients. Against the euro, for example, the dollar has gained 15% in the last six months. This shift is still hitting the sales at the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which represents 8% of total sales. A significant portion of those that are generated by international tourists. Changes to the top "We are planning with caution as we expect significant headwinds from the strong dollar," said Frederic Cumenal, president of Tiffany, in a statement. The company declined to comment directly. Meanwhile, Chief Executive Michael Kowalski, 62, who has run the company for 15 years, will pass the reins to Mr. Cumenal, who joined Tiffany Paris-based luxury goods giant LVMH less than four years ago. Rise of Mr. Cumenal, coupled with the recent stumble gains the 54-year-old company, is already fueling speculation that Tiffany could end up being swallowed by the Swiss Richemont, whose brands include Cartier and ChloƩ, or even from former employer Mr. Cumenal, LVMH. In another change in management, Tiffany last week tapped Tiffany Outlet Online Jennifer de Winter, a well-regarded Saks chief merchant with experience in the jewelry division, as senior vice president of North America. In his new role, one of his priorities will be to lure back some of those tourists who have recently avoided the brand. Analysts applauded his arrival. "Tiffany is another rental sparkling to drive the United States," wrote Ike Boruchow, an analyst at Sterne Agee, in a recent note. Like many other companies of the luxury Tiffany Outlets goods, Tiffany must also reckon with moving shopper tastes. The baby boomers who have long accounted for much of the store of Tiffany are aging, and the new generation of Millennials in search of quality brands that can not be contained in the mother's jewelry box. These buyers seeking jewelry that is not flashy, for example, and that may also characterized by a component technology, such as a tracker step. "The generation to replace the boomers, who were the main consumers of luxury, has a vision completely different lifestyles," said Robin Lewis, CEO of the Robin Report, a newsletter online-retail strategy. "[Tiffany] must market to them differently." To do this, in August Tiffany introduced his collection T, a line of fashion jewelry in gold with the letter T, with a starting price of just under $ 350 about $ 100 more than the previous collections. Well received by critics - likened to a "Tiffany & Co. cooler younger sister" -the line aims to appeal to a wider audience. Analysts expect to see more of these products in the coming months. Tiffany is also expanding its reach overseas, where it already has Tiffany Outlet Store 173 outlets of its total of 296. This expansion is critical as it competes with Cartier, luxury player largest in the world. Tiffany has announced plans to open more than 10 new stores per year. Last year, it launched its first outpost in Moscow. Others are expected to follow in the rest of Europe and Asia. Well scattered "Tiffany benefits from its diverse geographic presence," wrote Nomura analyst Robert Drbul in a research note. He added that this variety should help Tiffany weather more difficult economic conditions. The jeweler will report sales for the fiscal year ending January 31 to March. Earlier this month, has reduced the outlook of net profits for the year to a range of $ 4.15 to $ 4.20 per share, although in November, Tiffany had reiterated year-end profits expectations of $ 0 4.20 to $ 4.3 per share. Analysts are cautiously optimistic, but expect the results of the Tiffany Outlet Stores brand to be tied to spending in the United States "If you see a continuous strong dollar, could really have a negative impact on sales of Tiffany in the next 12 months," said Bernstein Research Windal lady.

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