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Give Your Easter Eggs a Different Spin This Year with These Twisted Spider Bunny Eggs

Easter is just a few days away, and what does that mean for you? Eggs, and lots of them. What's the fun of Easter without some freaking eggs, right? I usually dig the plastic ones with money or chocolate inside, but hard boiled eggs shouldn't be missing from the party.

When it comes to hard boiled cheap nfl jerseys eggs on Easter, simple eggs won't do. You need to decorate them, because we all know bunny eggs are extravagant. The process to making one of these eggs is pretty easy, too, no matter if you plan on using store bought dyes or all natural homemade coloring for your eggs.

Toss a few eggs into a pot of water and boil them on high for about seven minutes. Afterwards, toss them into another pot of cool water for about half an hour. When they have cooled down, you're going to want to lightly crack the egg shell, but be sure to keep the integrity of the shell in tact.

Now take your cracked eggs and pour some food cheap nfl jerseys china coloring all over them, whether it's store brand or natural dye, making sure that coloring gets into all those crevices the cracks created.

With your eggs properly dyed, set them in a ziplock back for about half and hour to let the colors absorb.

After that, you're going to pour some white vinegar on the eggs to set the color, and use a paper towel to pat them dry.

Now you have a bunch of wildly colored eggs cheap nfl jerseys from china ready for your Easter egg hunt. When the kids find these eggs, they are going to find a very cool looking edible inside.

Want to add another twist to this Easter egg recipe? Make them golden eggs, aka hard boiled scrambled eggs.

Want to add more laughs and less colors this Easter? Try out these prank chocolate eggs, perfect for April Fool's Eve shenanigans.

Have you ever had scrambled eggs covered in cheap nfl jerseys for sale chocolate syrup? If you have you need some help. Seriously. If you haven it probably because it sounds absolutely repulsive. I know there the whole salty and sweet thing, but that can only go so far.

Eggs + Chocolate = Seriously Awesome Prank

The next time April Fool Day coincides with Easter Sunday isn until 2018, but that doesn mean you can have a few hilarious hijinks this Easter. And the best way to do that is by pranking those all glorious chocolate Easter eggs by putting a real raw egg inside. Instructables.

During Easter, everybody stocks up on the eggs because wholesale nfl jerseys dying eggs is a great Easter activity. But there something else you can try dying and marbling. Watch this video recipe to learn how to dye and marble Easter eggs. A new twist to Easter eggs.

Yvette Taylor demonstrates in true Queen of the Pantry style how to dye a basic egg. From there, she shows a more advanced technique for rolling the egg in a concentrated mixture of dye and olive oil to create a beautifully marbled shell. Watch Yvette Blown Eggs (Eggshells) video to learn a clever technique that enables you to keep your.

Naturally dyed eggs is the way to go for Easter time. Aside from just using your normal dyes for Easter eggs, add a unique look by just using onion skins. Onion skins will dye your Easter eggs with a cook natural color, great for eating or for decoration.

Chef Cari from the Food Channel shows how to create beautiful wholesale nfl jerseys factory hand dyed Easter eggs using onion skins and rubber bands. Easter is just a few days away! And it already springtime. See how to "stain" the egg with the oils from a yellow onion. Then, you dye the egg as you would normally. The result is a classic, gilded look. Try it and let us.

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